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Meet Our Professional Expert: JUN ZHANG

2002-2005 master’s degree in psychology at Assumption university of Thailand
1996-2002 bachelor’s degree at Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine

TCM experience
Born into a medical family, since childhood from medical edification and clinical practice in hospitals for 9 years after graduation
In 1995, had an advanced study for stroke rehabilitation at China rehabilitation research center, apply integration of traditional and modern medicine combine with therapies of stroke rehabilitation to treat strokes of all stages.
Because of influence of family, apply both traditional medicine and modern medicine to treat the disease of peripheral blood vessel, such as Buerger, Raynaud’s disease and etc, and worked with people to write three medical books about disease of peripheral blood vessel.
Since 2005 Jun Zhang has been working in clinics in UK, he as experience in treatment of common disease of internal and external, and apply traditional Chinese medicine and psychological adjustment of TCM and western medicine to treat various pain from body and psychology, migraine, insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety. Help patient treated by TCM to improve the success rate of infertility.

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