Problems of male sexual performance

There is a range of sexual problems, which are so common that most men experience them at some stage in their life. The following are common problems of male sexual performance:

1. Premature ejaculation is the commonest sexual problem.

2. Loss of libido is experienced by most people at some stage.

3. Impotence is the inability to have sexual intercourse due to failure in achieving or maintaining an erection. Chinese medicine believes that strengthening the kidneys could treat impotence. A combination of approaches may be recommended by L&N Therapy.

4. Delayed ejaculation is the inability to achieve ejaculation during penetrative sexual intercourse and is usually caused by deeply rooted psychosomatic factors or fears about which the man is unaware.

Male infertility

If, after at least one year of regular sexual intercourse throughout the woman’ monthly cycle, pregnancy has not occurred, it is wise to seek medical advice.

1. Anatomical problems such as damage or scar tissue following pelvic or prostate gland surgery.

2. Reduced numbers of normal sperm or low sperm count, which may be caused by numerous different factors, such as hormonal defects, genetic factors, previous injury, infection or radiotherapy, environmental factors.

3. Impaired efficiency in the operation of sperm.

4. Problems caused by the immune system.

In China, historically, people use Chinese herbal medicine or sometime acupuncture to achieve very good results.

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